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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news starts now with a developing story. >> at 11:00 a grass fire. kron4news is there talking to guests of the motel. jeff, what is the latest? >> reporter: the fire is out, but there were tense moments for guests staying at the motel 6. the call came in at 7:00 p.m. the grass and trees were on fire and the word got out to get out. ronnie was taking a shower when he heard a commotion. >> i heard a bunch of people
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yelling fire and sure enough white smoke and ash everywhere. it was on the roof. >> reporter: most of the rooms were occupied and sustained damage from the sprinklers. >> my roommate thought something was burning. it crept all the way up. when we were evacuating the trees were on fire then the roof and everything else. i don't know where we are staying tonight. >> reporter: firefighters responded quickly and on several fronts. the fire moved quickly. >> because of the sustained winds here in fairfield, 15 to 20 miles per hour, it got in the attic of the motel 6. >> reporter: the cause of that grass fire is still under
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investigation. kron4news. this is video of a fire with abc7 news. it was near lake herman road. 2500 acres burned, a shed destroyed. no injuries. the city council is wondering if they will move forward regarding a fire last august. >> reporter: the 30-day extension is almost up. they are voting on whether they will extend the extension before deciding to hire a law firm. the fire back on august 6 sent
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15,000 neighbors to hospitals. suing chevron is a hot topic. it is a large source of tax revenue. if there is an extension there will be a mediation set for june 27th where the city attorney's office will discuss compensation costs related to the fire. if they don't extend, the law suit could be filed next week. alicia reed. cron 4kron4news. 50 of the workers near home plate talked to giants fans who say they support the protest. >> i support what they are
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doing. they deserve a raise. the beer and tickets and parking went up. >> i think they should get a fair wage and great tips from the giants. >> san francisco police arrested protestors who refused to leave. others were escorted out without incident. a little boy was killed, 6 year old, was playing with a dog trying to ride it when it bit him on the head. the owner is a san mateo police officer. we have a report from the fremont animal shelter. >> gaza is in a locked ward
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after the fatal mauling. gaza is in isolation with no contact other than food and water. when i asked whether the owner came to see it. i was told no. officer k is a student resource officer. he has been with the department for 8 years. berkeley says he is a former football player. they are waiting for information as they continue the investigation on what will happen to the dog. the state law is clear if a dog conducts a harmful act and is
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vicious, it would be euthanized. the case is under investigation by the union city police department. the city of san jose is trying to get the a's to the south bay. they have been dragging their feet costing san jose millions. they want to move the team from oakland to the south bay. the a's say they date giants are blocking the move and the league isn't doing anything about it. a 1922 ruling making baseball
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exempt from antitrust laws is outdated. >> reporter: we have 70s in places like santa rosa. 61 in san francisco. 71 in san jose. it was windy today, seeing gusts, but 23-mile per hour gusts at sfo. we have less fog tonight near the coastline. wind not as strong tomorrow afternoon. it will be calm in the work week. we will look at it in the extended forecast. a woman attacked on a muni bus by two teenage girls. scary moments when a
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tornado touched down near denver's airport. >> reporter: first place they are bargaining and then we have spurs and heat going to game 7. >> fire works around the bay live from san rafael, milpitas on kron4. ♪
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bulldog: that cloud reminds me... radio: the tempur-pedic cloud collection... dog: that's it! radio: with 48 months interest-free financing. basset hound: free financing? radio: the 4th of july sale is on now... bulldog: hey... where's everyone going? ♪ mattress discounters . >> san francisco police have released video of two teenage girls robbing a woman on a muni. we will give you a closer look. the 68 year old is there. one girl punched her in the face before grabbing purses. they hit her and both grabbed two purses with cash and a phone. the woman goes after them. the driver realizes what is going on, but they got away.
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police are hoping someone recognized them and gives them a call. >> reporter: it has been cool over the past couple of days. i will show you how warm the weekend will be coming up. look at 'em.
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those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . >> a wild fire with more than 2,000 firefighters in mariposa
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county california has prompted health warnings and also for mersed merced county. it was an unattended camp fire. it is in the lush meadow area. they are mopping up hot spots in the black forest fire in colorado springs. it burned 22 square miles. it is 85% contained. residents have been allowed back in the area. it isn't clear whether it was arson. chrysler is recalling jeep suvs. it is after pressure from the
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federal government. >> reporter: as part of a deal with the traffic safety administration, they are calling for a recall of jeep grand cherokees and liberties between 2002 and 2007. they have a fuel tank with a high risk of rupturing. 51 people have died in crashes similar. for 1.5 million vehicles made between 2004 and 2009 it is the sameproblem. the vehicles are safe but anyone can get the vehicle inspected.
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a stronger filler hose can be installed or a check hose. new at 11:00 police are looking for a woman missing since last week. the couple fell asleep on the beach. when the boyfriend woke up she was gone. she is 110 pounds with brown hair, hazel eyes. she was wearing a pink blouse. ward was depressed and possibly suicidal. the bart station was closed today when a man jumped in front of a northbound train.
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it took crews an hour to move the train and reach the body. he is between 40 and 50 years old. it opened shortly after 7:00 tonight. caught on camera, this fire on the roof of an apartment building in san francisco at ellis and levinworth in the tenderloin, firefighters put it out in 15 minutes. no one was hurt. severe weather today in denver. a storm sending passengers into
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stairwells. no report of injuries or damage. >> reporter: our sea breeze winds kept things busy. we will have minimal fog in the coastline and calmer winds. we will continue the warming trend friday and saturday. we are still seeing a little bit of fog in the east bay shore and inland valleys. by 8:00 the fog is back to the coast. by noon we have clearly in the coastline. sunny skies tomorrow and the winds calmer. we have gusts in the 20-mile per hour range. temperatures warming 2-5 degrees and 74 in pal -- palo
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alto. we have cooler conditions at the coast. low 60s in daly city and a range of 70s for the north bay. extended forecast. we will keep warming the rest of the work week. by thursday, friday, and saturday the winds calm down and temperatures looking like they should with the upper 80s inland and 70s in the bay shores. you can watch the weather on our 24/7 channel on comcast 193. the oxford english dictionary acknowledges tweeting is not just for the birds. they include reference to
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social networking. it is a verb to make a posting on twitter. oxford adds entries four times a year. the legacy on the line for lebron james next ♪
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>> reporter: it was an incredible basketball game for the nba title. lebron james, a lot of people want to see him lose. tim duncan was incredible. he got tired down the stretch. his line, at one point james had to force the issue. they were down by 13 points. 32 assists and rebounds. he was 6-23 and the spurs up 2. 10 seconds left and ray allen, ties the game with 5 seconds left. they go to overtime and danny greene left with his story
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there. danny greene leaves it 103-100 heat. >> it was the best game i have been a part of. being a part of something like this is a blessing. >> we were a few seconds away from winning the championship and we let it go. >> how do you get your guys to game 7? >> we get on the bus, go up the ramp and get off and play. >> reporter: when you lose you look like a bad sport, but it was a draining game. it will be interesting to see how much energy they have.
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>> did they laugh? >> no. i think they can see yeah, yeah, not the night to mess with him. giants padres had a similar flow in san francisco. kane was cruising. the padres were back in rçthe game with 3-2. guzman leads 4- 3. back they come in the 8th, belt doubling, tied at 4. 3 batters later, here comes belt and the giants needed the win. perez was .421.
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crowd going crazy. padres won 7 in a row. the a's back. as with a lot of players, he is hanging around with the rangers. eric hits a ground ball bouncing it off the glove. the a's win 6-2 and are up over texas. taking on honduras, world cup qawl qualifier. the only game in the game, us wins 1-0. the world cup, katherine, will be in brazil.
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we will have v.j.s there covering it. we must have world cup soccer.
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